1117 West High Street
Bryan, OH 43506

Tel: 419-913-1821

Due to some unexpected family issues, we have not reopened after our 
normal yearly winter vacation. We are now open on a limited basis for warranty
 and repair needs. If you need to contact us, call our number and leave a voice mail.
We will contact you when we are working in the shop. This is a temporary situation,
and we will be back in full operation later this summer. Thank you for your
patience and understanding. 73s Ray Connin KB8VU


HF-2000 Features HF-2000 Specifications HF-2000 Photos HF-2000 Schematics
HF-2000 Printed Circuit Boards HF-2000 Parts Lists Owner's Manual A Few Words About Our Transformers



HF-3KDX (Using 8877 Triode) 

HF-3KDX Features HF-3KDX Specifications HF-3KDX Photos HF-3KDX Schematics
HF-3KDX Printed Circuit Boards HF-3KDX Parts Lists Owner's Manual  A Few Words About Our Transformers



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